As Host of the Tech Gen Mag Podcast*
Automation, AI, and Basic Income (August 9th, 2015)*
Youtube Turns 10
(May 17th, 2015)*
The Evolution of Gaming
(May 6th, 2015)*
2015 Oscars: Nominations and Snubs (January 28th, 2015)*
Dopamine – How to Avoid Addiction and Increase Productivity (December 9th, 2014)*
The Future of Cinema
(October 5th, 2014)*

As Staff Writer at Tech Gen Mag*

As a Writing Contributor at Taste of Cinema
The 20 Best Movies of 2014 (December 31st, 2014)
Filmmaker Retrospective: The Dark Cinema of David Fincher (November 23rd, 2014)
Filmmaker Retrospective: The Cinema of Darren Aronofsky
(October 17th, 2014)
The 30 Best Horror Films of the 21st Century (September 7th, 2014)
The 10 Best Directorial Debuts of the Past 5 Years
(August 29th, 2014)

As a Writer for VVV Magazine (now operating as Veni Mag)
The Control Issue (Spring-Summer 2016)
– Interviewed Abigail Spencer, Bella Thorne, Alexandra Shipp, and Lydia Hearst
The Indulgence Issue (Fall-Winter 2016)
– Interviewed Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Robyn Lawley, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Cobie Smulders

*Tech Gen Mag’s editor ended the project and the website has since gone defunct. Limited access is available through the Wayback Machine, as seen through snapshots of the author page here. If you would like access to the articles or podcast files, please let me know, and I should be able to get them for you. 

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